Patricia Lee
General Manager

“Innuy offers everything you could possibly want in an open technology team. They take the time and make the effort to fully understand your vision and business model, and are personally dedicated to your success. Innuy has been a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend them!!”


The saving and spending app designed for families. Kids of all ages will learn to manage their money carefully yet independently. Kolinx has taken the concepts of checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards and rolled them all into an easy-to-use app for kids.

Kolinx provides savings opportunities as well as the ability to make purchases, both in stores and online. The unique and fully-customizable parental controls allow kids to have a reasonable amount of financial independence, while parents can rest easy knowing that they’ll be kept in the loop.


Kolinx relied on us to build and manage their entire project. It was a major challenge for us to create such a complex app, since it included integrating several third party services, a hybrid mobile app, an AWS infrastructure, and an extremely wide scope of functionalities, with the ultimate goal of getting where no other app has gotten before in offering financial services to kids.

Our highly-skilled team took on the challenge, not only managing the different parts of the project, but also coordinating everything to meet the desired schedule. To achieve this we used our own Agile methodology, delivering weekly releases, so we could get the most out of the client´s constant feedback and guarantee the project’s success.