Eric Shwartzel
General Manager

I have worked lots of development teams and this team is really talented, hardworking and more importantly, understanding. You need a team that understands this is your passion, your dream, and they need to make it happen, fast, cost effectively and commercially viable.


The app helps establish secure interactions and transactions. You can share who you are, taking away the internet anonymity.

It is your impartial, 3rd party profile page that verifies your identity and social circles so you can send it to interested parties. You can link your social media accounts with your government and work documentation to create one trustworthy profile.


We performed a major overhaul of the application, on both Android and iOS platforms as well as on the web version and back-end systems. This included integrating new core features such as matching nearby people with similar interest (geolocation), business card and employee ID generation for user registration, new IQID login services, push notifications, updates to pre-existing functionalities, social network verification process, login and "user update" workflows and an email verification service.