Ron Netzerel

“The team assisted us to build a scalable platform that can efficiently manage our customer’s online marketing campaigns. They’re extremely dedicated, professionals, and always working really hard to achieve efficiency in Albert. We hope to continue growing together for many years.”


The first-ever artificial intelligence marketing platform that helps businesses manage fully-automated online marketing campaigns.

Albert helps liberate businesses from the complexities of modern digital marketing with online marketing campaigns that can adapt to customers’ reactions.

Brands like Harley Davidson, EVISU, Cosabella, and Nestlé trust in Albert with their online ads – and they have experienced huge increases in sales, revenue and return on investment.


Using our expertise in building SaaS projects and full stack systems, we assisted Albert’s team to build a scalable platform that can efficiently manage their customers online marketing campaigns, in Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, Mailchimp, and more.

During the project we had to dive into the world of online marketing, to better understand the company needs and the project requirements. As consequence we were able to work alongside their product managers and speak in their own language.

First we started providing them consultancy service on how to implement and incorporate modern Python/Django technologies into their project, and ways to improve it from the database design to their APIs.

For their expert data researchers, we provided useful custom admin tools that enables them to monitor what is happening behind the scenes. In order to accomplish this we took the default django admin and changed it from the ground up to fulfill their needs.

We supported the continuous development of their backend services working alongside them to understand their necessities and requirements, always looking for ways to improve their processes and work.